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Photo Post by Nancy Wilkinson

At ANLC we have multiple outdoor classroom gardens and planters.  As part of our garden program, we invite local chefs to create recipes with the students.  Pictured here is Eric Mai from the Parlor making veggie spring rolls with the students.  Most of the ingredients came from our own gardens.  You can see one of our gardens in the background. Yum!    
Why School Gardens?
  • The majority of America’s children go without eating one serving of fruits and vegetables each day.
    - Center for Disease Control, 2009
  • Thirty percent of US children are obese; half are overweight.
    - American Journal of Medicine
  • This is the first generation of Americans at risk of having a lower life expectancy than their parents.
    - American Journal of Medicine
Our Mission
  • To plant and sustain a fruit and vegetable garden in every willing Arizona and California school.

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    Last month we discussed creating healthy goals for the new year and how to use a garden as means to expose your kids to fruits and vegetables.

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    With a new year comes new resolutions. One of those resolutions should be to teach our children healthier habits and lead by example.
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"If they grow it they'll eat it."